Yukiko Hirano

Yukiko Hirano.

Yukiko is a specialist in Japanese sweets for Chado. She learnt Wagashi cooking from her mother's Chado teacher in Kyoto (who also teaches Kaiseki). Her mother is a Chado teacher.

Chado sweets are Wagashi but they are used in the tea ceremony and are delicate and formal, compared to everyday Japanese sweets.

She has taught Wagashi lessons to the Japanese community and to the Japanese school in Terry Hills and supplies her sweets to the Japanese school for their Chado classes and their annual tea ceremony in October.

As well as her Wagashi work, she has done many charity events - notably 11th March 2011.

In August 2011, she invited 10 Fukushima children to Sydney for respite care.

Every year she brings a group of children from Fukushima to do homestay with families in Sydney.