Guest Reviews

Judy & Alan Crooks - November 2016

What a wonderful experience staying at your stunning ryokan; we thought we were back in Japan; so authentic, restful and unique. We were made so welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious breakfast and all the special little treats. The bath was magnificent, as we're the gardens, ponds and furnishings. Our visit inspired us to consider revisiting Japan later this year, many thanks Linda

Fiona - September 2016

Linda is a very nice and kind host. This place is absolutely a tiny piece of Japan , it makes me want to visit Japan immediately . I will definitely come back for another relaxing holiday !

Angela and Michael - July 2016

We 'disappeared' into this Japanese oasis for our wedding anniversary. The attention to detail was amazing from start to finish. The bath was heavenly and breakfast was fantastic! Linda's hospitality was faultless. We loved every minute!

D & J - July 2016

A lovely way to celebrate our anniversary, so enriched by ours host's attention to detail. Highly recommend to all looking for a Sydney stay-cation.

Fiona and Robert - July 2016

Wonderful Japanese oasis in Sydney! We just adored our stay at Ryokan Gojyuan it was hard to leave! Linda is a fabulous host attending to every detail and obviously passionate about Japanese culture. We loved everything from the traditional furnishings and gardens, the amazing bath (!) to the delicious breakfast and green teas. We will be back.

Sharlene Cohen - July 2016

Wow, what great attention to detail and care. Linda as a host was fantastic. The Japanese bath was a treat to behold. Want something different with a host who truly cares you can't go past this true retreat. Also a great location and close to all the wonderful eateries and shopping. 100% worth a visit.

Ayaka - July 2016

I stayed at Gojyuan to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday and he is from England. He really enjoyed Japanese style Ryokan! I was so glad that he enjoyed Japanese thing with me as well. I was feeling I was really in Japan!! Everything was so lovely. Thank you for the special night ;)

Mark and Tom - May 2016

There's so much to love about Ryokan Gojyuan but our favourite aspects are the rooms; they're traditional in that we slept on futons that can be removed during the day and replaced with a table. The traditional onsen is divine and beautifully prepared by Linda with sake, tea, towels and amenities. The entire place has been thoughtfully and authentically renovated. Many items imported from Japan, what couldn't be imported, Linda has crafted herself (is there anything this woman can't do?). Things like heated floors in the bathrooms and onsen are subtle but luxurious touches that made our stay even more enjoyable. Oh and the food, Linda has been taking cooking classes for 7 years and it shows in the traditional Japanese breakfast she prepared for us each morning.

Now that we know there's an escape from Sydney's hustle and bustle just 20 minutes from home, we plan on coming back time and time again.

Our tip: Stay for at least 2 nights and spend a day just relaxing in the grounds - ignore the outside world and relax in your little piece of Japan.

Janet Harris - May 2016

My second visit - every bit as good as the first. The attention to detail, the authenticy, the generous sharing by Linda of all things Ryokan Gojyuan, the divine bath, the ambience, the privacy, even the price is great! Value for money for sure - and simply do not miss the Kaiseki degustation - it is outstanding! I will be back - hopefully many times over. thank you!

Catherine - April 2016

We stayed in Ryokan Gojyuan one night to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday. We felt suddenly peaceful and quiet the minute we stepped into the room. The room we booked was pine room, which is beautiful and spotless, especially in the morning when we opened the doors and looked into the splendid Japanese Garden, it felt SOOOOO great and refreshing! I felt like I was in Japan. The breakfast is more than I expected, which was warmly prepared by our lovely host Linda. I would highly recommend this Ryokan to couples who would like to have something romantic and different.

Greg and Kiyoka - April 2016

A truly authentic Japanese experience, just like being in Japan. Warm, friendly hospitality, excellent service, outstanding features especially the 'hinoki' bath and delicious Japanese breakfast.

Sue and Scott - February 2016

Absolutely incredible. Attention to detail was superb , very authentic. Lovely dinner and breakfast. Hospitality was excellent. We really could have been in Kyoto - it was that good. Bathhouse is gorgeous and tatami rooms lovely. An absolutely brilliant experience.stayed in the pine room.

Alberto - February 2016

The place was amazing! I was nervous to bring my Japanese girlfriend to a Japanese hotel, but she was very impressed by the style and the manners of the host. The hotel is super-relaxing and close to the city. Linda was great, she welcomed us with drinks and snacks, and prepare a delicious breakfast! I highly recommend it.

Jenny Zhu - January 2016

We booked the pine room (Matsunoma) for one night to celebrate with my husband for his birthday. We were warmly welcomed by Linda. She explained everything in detail as what we expect a true Japanese host would do. The veranda is designed to have water running underneath. We see red and gold fish swimming cross. Our room has a small garden outside which has green plants. The room is very clean and well decorated to mimic a traditional Japanese room. Inside a sliding door is the modern bathroom which has everything you could possibly need to stay overnight. It also has heat floor which I think is very nicely thought and definitely will be necessary during the winter season. The Hinoki bath was the best. It was so relaxing especially with Linda's favourite Japanese songs on. It was a nice time for us to relax and talk and enjoy our time. We then head to the front where Linda has lots of books about Japan. We were free to take some back to our room and read. Linda also put on some sandlewood candles to prevent the mosquitos coming in. The beds were prepared nice and softly on Tatami. We had a good sleep. The next morning because breakfast we had another jump into the bath. It was so nice to have a hot bath at the start of the day. Then we were presented our breakfast which Linda and her husband used two hours to prepare for us. We greatly appreciated it and it was delicious. I like the breakfast tea very much. We took lots of photos and didn't want to go. We had a short chat with Linda about how she had the idea to change her own house to a traditional Japanese guest house and how they did it. They gave all their ideas and energy into this. The house offers different classes too. We had a great night there. And just as what Linda said, you can walk in off the street without worrying a thing! Definitely worthing spending couple of nights for special occasions!

Jodi - January 2016

Stayed here in late January for one night with my boyfriend for our anniversary and it was awesome. Exceeded my expectations. Linda was a lovely host and the place is beautifully decorated and finished. Loved the gardens. The bath was a delight and Japanese breakfast in the morning was so good I wanted to eat it again! Will definitely be staying here again when it cools down so we can find more reasons to get in the bath. Highly recommended for something a little different and fun.

Rose and Chris - January 2016

The service and atmosphere at Ryokan Gyoyuan are perfect. Attention to detail , wonderful breakfast, authentic hinoki bath experience....just like being in Japan. I can't wait to stay again.

Miso - December 2015

There are so many things to love about Ryokan Gojyuan. We stayed in the Matsunoma room, overlooking the garden.
It's serene and beautiful. The highlight of our stay was definitely the hinoki bath, closely followed by the Kaiseki Dinner. Words alone do not do justice to the magnificence of the bath. The scent of the wood coupled with the relaxing and romantic atmosphere - it was perfection! We hopped into the bath 3 times during our 1 night stay. We also highly recommend the Kaiseki Dinner. It does come at a steep price but you'd be hard pressed to find a true Kaiseki dinner anywhere else in Sydney. A chef was called to prepare meals which were fresh, absolutely delicious, beautifully presented and in perfectly sized portions. My personal favourites were the Yakimono (miso cod) and the Suimono (clear soup with steamed snapper and wrapped prawns). Breakfast was also delicious and delicately prepared by the owners. Linda was a delight and provided impeccable service. It was a real joy to share in her passion for Japanese culture. Her passion is reflected in the authenticity of the architecture, interior design. styling and customs.

It has been a pleasure. We will definitely be back again!! As if the bath wasn't good enough already, we hear that in winter it's a totally different (and unmissable) experience!

Victoria & Anika - December 2015

We arrived and stepped into another world rich with Japanese culture and decore. The bath house is not only true to relaxing in traditional Japanese environment but big enough for a couple and the cedar smell is beautiful. The especially prepared dinner by a Japanese chef is great for sampling a variety of so many different courses. The library has an long list of books on Japanese topics and your host Linda is very knowledgeable of all things that are Japan. All the workshops that my daughter and I have attended (4 in total so far) are held buy Japanese born ladies knowledgable in the craft they teach with handouts and, depending on workshop attended, you can take home what you make. Overall experience when we left the Ryokan today was "1000 out of 10" as my daughter would say. I agree with her 100%.

Jess and Rick - November 2015

We have never published an accommodations review before, but the Ryokan is so excellent we had to do it. If you have never experienced a Japanese onsen, or if you have, this is a treat. From the time we walked in the door we were welcomed in exquisite style by a kimono-ed hostess who treated us with utmost respect and spoiled us with her kindnesses: the fresh tea beside the Japanese garden, the sake and umeshu on the windowsill of the beautiful wooden furo with bamboo leaves occasionally falling into the hot bath, and the delicious Japanese breakfast included in your stay. With only two rooms, there is the utmost in privacy and service, unlimited furo baths, and every need taken care of sometimes even before you ask: Linda offered us complimentary Opal cards for bus-ferry-train service, late checkout, and even a ride to the airport! This was an unbelievable stay!

Ginger - November 2015

It was wonderful and relaxing 2 days with my best friend to celebrate our birthdays. The bath was nice and warm, the room was comfortable and quite, which we can enjoy our girls talk. The hotel host was so nice to introduce and prepare everything for us. I love the afternoon tea and Japanese drink when we are having the bath. We were surprised by the good view, perfect service and tasty breakfast!! I definitely want to go again.

Jessica, May & Jania - November 2015

Me and my family's stay at Ryokan Gojyuan was undoubtedly a magical one. As soon as you step in and the front door is closed, you feel as though you have stepped into a genuine ryokan in Japan. The ambiance, the hinoki bath, the architecture and our host Linda's personable, welcoming hospitality reminded me of my passion for all things Japanese. One of the highlights for me is definitely soaking in the hinoki bath. It was so relaxing, listening to traditional Japanese pipe music while looking out into the garden. Overall, our experience is truly an unforgettable one and I have decided to come here in future in the event of a wedding anniversary.

Emily - June 2015

The service was warm, welcoming, friendly and accommodating. We had a fantastic time and plan to return again soon.

Old Max - May 2015

Looking for a special experience, then this is it! Our host, Linda, was very welcoming, and attentive to cultural detail. So loved the bath that I am installing my own - 350kms just too far for regular visits.

Oscar Packham - May 2015

My wife and I had a magical experience at Ryokan Gojyuan. Never have I felt so far away from Sydney while in Sydney. The attention to detail can be found in all aspects of the experience - in the architecture, the gardens, the bath house, the meals and the service. The experience was extremely relaxing and restorative. I cannot commend Ryokan Gojyuan highly enough.

Zoe and Tomoki - April 2015

We had the most amazing and relaxing weekend at Ryokan Gojyuan! Linda (host) was incredibly hospitable and gracious!

The rooms were spacious, sophisticated and minimalistic. It was beautiful and quiet. Just what we had hoped for - to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

The breakfast served was deliciously mouth-watering and colourful! So immaculately prepared!

Although the scenery was breath-taking, the hinoki bath was the highlight of our trip! It was incredibly relaxing and warm to soak in!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone whose looking for a nice getaway that's in Sydney!

We have decided that we have to come back at least once every couple of years!

Tracey Lovie - April 2015

My husband and I stayed at Ryokan Gojyuan a few weeks back and remember it vividly, was a wonderful experience form the very moment we arrived. Our only regret is we did not try the traditional dinner. The bath was extremely relaxing and the entire experience was second to none. Beautiful rooms and gardens.

Guy - November 2014

Having lived in Japan and stayed at many Ryokans, it was a real treat to stay at Ryokan Gojyuan. It was authentic as it comes - the architecture, land scaping, Japanese bath, room furnishings and the list goes on. Linda cooked a traditional breakfast for us - oishikata desu (delicious). If you are truly wanting to pamper your self, then we highly recommend Ryokan Gojyuan.

Located near lots of restaurants / cafes you can't go wrong if you want variety - and the city is near by. Oh,if you think it is must be rowdy because of its location - then you are in for a surprise.

Belinda Rogers - October 2014

Upon our first knock on the wooden front door our captivation was only deepened by the kindness that greeted us. Attention to detail and immaculate service allowed us the presence to delve into what felt like stepping into an ancient tradition. The joy of waking in such a tranquil place and the knowing we would have to leave was a bittersweet experience.

We will come again and stay longer, and until then the smell of cedar and the shadows of bamboo dancing upon the walls of our private bath will be a retreat in our minds and an inspiration for the next platitude of painting and poetry. We cannot thank you enough for opening your doors to us.

Vivian & Isaac - March 2014

Thank you so much for making our first anniversary so special. Your friendliness and attentiveness to the smallest details made our stay at Ryokan Gojyuan the very best it could have been.

We absolutely loved the hinoki bath - it was perfect for winding down during the rain, especially with the relaxing music! The kaiseki ryori we had for dinner was so delicious and beautifully presented - apart from the bath, this was one of the highlights of our stay. Please thank the chefs for us!

We loved how the room was beautifully decorated; starting from the tatami mats to the futons and everything in between. The Japanese style breakfast in the morning was also a wonderful bonus. It's amazing how a little part of Japan is tucked away so conveniently in the middle of Sydney!

Thank you again for your kind hospitality and we hope to make this trip up to Gojyuan an anniversary tradition!

Jackson & Callie - October 2013

My partner said yes when i proposed to her at Ryokan Gojyuan. I think 90% of that is because of Linda's accomodating hospitality and warm personality.

It was a unique experience that really made my partner feel as though she 'was in Japan'. You will feel the same from the moment you walk in, through the corridors next to the Koi ponds and into the well thought out rooms. The breakfast as simple as it was, was simply perfect. Nothing more I could ask for from Linda who i still think made the proposal happen.

Linda is very passionate for Japanese culture and you can tell by looking at the whole place and the well organised schedule of workshops.

This will be my anniversary date from now on.